Celebrating the stories of Latinos in Texas | Celebrando las historias de Latinos en Texas

Nicholas Gonzalez | @eltexmex

Husband, dad, poetry fanatic and actor


"Only pursue acting if you can't see yourself doing anything else. If you truly see yourself as a storyteller then realize that you are in service to the story and to the telling of it. We so often get caught up with how we come across or how we look...all these judgements rather than being of service to a story and realizing you are playing a part."


Las Fenix | @lasfenix

Latin pop & norteño familia


"Overall, being women in the music industry is our biggest hardship. We feel like women are very underestimated. We have to give our 1000% on stage. We have to dance harder, sing better, and overall show those in the industry, that we are capable of being as good and as determined as men."

GermanTorres_ Soy Texas.jpg

German Torres | @germantorrestx

Xicano cinematographer


"That’s my purpose - to be that person I needed when I was younger. I want to help marginalized people realize their worth and support them in their aspirations. I am currently facilitating skateboarding and mentoring young skateboarders in the hood. And through my filmmaking and photography expertise, I strive to capture and tell the stories of people and communities who are often ignored or portrayed as stereotypes in the mainstream."


Hugo Sanchez | @hfs0513

South Texan Taking Risks & Befriending Fear


"Why should I be afraid of myself? Lately I’ve been telling myself to just go for it. Embrace the dark and create light. Do it for you, but do it smart."


Isabel Ann Castro | @queenoftacostx

A creative mind breaking stereotypes


"I spend my days drawing and watching movies. I don’t make a lot of money doing it but I do happen to do a lot of work for people in my community which is fun. I’m trying to fill the voids in representation, specifically brown fat bodies, like my own."

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