Celebrating the stories of Latinos in Texas | Celebrando las historias de Latinos en Texas

Jennifer Hernanez | @blissfuljen

Artist who brings light when it's dark


"One of the biggest hardships I've ever faced and I don't even know that it's a hardship now that I think about it because we all survived, but definitely it was being a mother at the age of 18. I was never responsible for anybody else other than myself and occasionally my little sister."


Marco Torres | @marcofromhouston

Photographer capturing his city's art and music scene


"After college, I worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years. The money was nice, and I miss that the most, but I don't miss anything else about that life. Photography finally provided me with a sense of direction and objective. Capturing emotions and colors and moments in time is both magical and extremely rewarding."

LizbethRojas_ Soy Texas.jpg

Lizbeth Rojas | @liizisa

Vinyl-spinning, Selena-loving blogger 


" I would say the biggest hardship I have faced in my lifetime was being in a relationship where there was no respect. Being with someone who had that machista mentality damaged me mentally and physically. Deciding to leave my two year marriage was a painful and difficult decision."


Javier Gonzalez | @javigl & @igaustintexas

Artist/Photographer who took the path less traveled


"When I searched on Instagram I found that Austin surprisingly had no active community accounts so I took it upon myself to start IgAustinTexas. IgAustinTexas is a Instagram community account dedicated to highlighting our local creatives and fostering community building through Instameets."


Marisa Hernandez | @meximoments

Blogger sharing her vida from San Antonio


"I would say the biggest part of my story is that I moved from my hometown of Detroit, MI in my early 20’s to learn more about myself and my ethnicity, which lead me to San Antonio. I literally packed up a u-haul and drove clear across the country to a place where I didn’t know anyone!"