Danielle Vega | @themsdaniv

Does East Los High Ring a bell?? Emmy-nominated Actress Empowering Generations


"Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always said that I wanted to be an actress, singer and lawyer when I grew up. I’ve always loved to entertain. I love to affect people emotionally, whether through the arts or through my words alone. I’ve found that acting is my way to do all of those things, but I still have hopes of playing a lawyer and a singer in future projects. That would be fun."


Ariana Brown | @arianathepoet

Poet. Powerhouse. Afromexicana.


"I’m here to uplift Black women. To pay homage to my ancestors in as many forms as possible. My poems are always about creating a mirror in which I can view myself and my history without inflicting pain. In so doing, I am also always creating a mirror for other Black girls, carving a space into which six-year-old me can finally feel safe and accounted for."

Viri_ Soy Texas.jpg

Viridiana Maldonado | @virimal

Living in a PR world & blogging about it!


"In 2012, I was the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor in Journalism and a minor in Global Business and Spanish. I find it astonishing to look back at my life and realize that everything I went through since I began kinder prepared me to who I am today."


Vanessa Guerrero | @missy_nessa95

Fashion Merchandising Student Living Life With No Regrets


Being the youngest out of three siblings and first generation from immigrant parents has been a roller coaster for me. I grew up with the pressure of "go to school, college, get a decent job and get married..."